Kick-Ass (Movie Review)



Kick-Ass truly kicked-ass.

There were mixed reviews by some guys on Twitter but I’m glad I ignored all the chatter and caught this one for myself. It’s definitely a must-watch if you’re a Tarantino fan cos’ Matthew Vaughn has got a Tarantino-isque moment or two in this violent superhero flick. There are some very cool moments in the movie and even if superheroes don’t interest just watch it for some of the gags.

Aaron Johnson does a great job as the geeky Dave Lizewski; high-school student in the daytime, superhero at night. What Kick-Ass loses in terms of power he more than makes up with heart (and blood, a lot of blood). I must make mention of Chloe Moretz who is my favourite in the movie. She’s uber-cool as the 11-year old Hit-Girl and you’ve gotta catch this one for yourself to see her performance in this one. Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage as always and Mark Strong comes off strong as the villain in this piece. Newcomer Lyndsy Fonseca is really pretty as Katie; Kick-Ass’ love interest… *sighs*. On the whole, the cast is a strong & entertaining one and the movie just pulls you in. There was never a dull moment cos’ the movie mixes up action, violence and emotional bits & pieces to create a very, very entertaining piece of celluloid fiction.

I really enjoyed the movie but it’s definitely not for the kids with all the swearing and violence. I’ve yet to read Mark Millar’s original work in a Kick-Ass comic yet but I suspect it’s a great adaptation of the book. I expect sales of the book and tradepaperbacks to pick-up over the next month or so as the movie generates interest in the property.

Expect to see a sequel to this one.

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


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