What I Learnt from Podcasting

Podcasts, how much have I learned from thee

Podcasts, how much have I learned from thee

Podcasting is fun and I’ve been doing it for the past 2 months with a great bunch of guys who share a similar interest in video games. In fact why don’t you head on over to RojakGamer.com to have a listen. Heh… Forgive me for my shameless plug but I’m quite proud of what we’ve done so far. Even though our show is not polished yet I think we’ve got a good thing going. It’s been a lot of hard work and late nights so feel free to download our first 2 episodes. As I write this OJ’s tweaking the 3rd one which should be available some time later today.

Anyways, I digress. I’m supposed to be talking about some lessons I’ve learnt podcasting so here they are: 5 things I’ve picked up podcasting that I’ve been applying in other areas of my life:

  • Regular face-to-face meet-ups go a long way to getting a project off the ground – I don’t think we’d’ve gotten any of our podcasts up if we hadn’t made the time to meet up every week to practice
  • Daily communication via email, SMS or a call is crucial to maintain camaraderie in a project
  • There is unity in diversity; cos’ even though we’re all different, we are still united in our love for games (something which I wish to emphasise in cell group in the coming days about our passion for the things of God)
  • Whatever effort (big or small) we put in goes a long way in upping the quality of our work
  • Agreeing to disagree is healthy, we don’t need to always have our way or point taken into consideration hence the healthy debates we have on our podcasts

And that my friends is what I learned making podcasts. The end.


One thought on “What I Learnt from Podcasting

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