To iPhone or Not?

DiGi's iPhone entry

DiGi's iPhone entry

The hottest news in the telco scene right now is DiGi’s entry into the smartphone space with its very own iPhone plans. iPhone fans are all a buzz about the whole thing and my own brother pre-ordered the thing. It’s great to see another telco enter the market. It gives us (the consumer) choice. I can’t wait to see what DiGi brings to the playing field.

On another note, I’ve been around iPhones for a long time and I doubt I’d ever get one as a primary phone. I still like physical keyboards and all this touchscreen virtual keyboardness doesn’t seem to fit the bill for me. I still prefer my HTC Touch Pros physical keyboard and even though the delete key isn’t responsive now I’d still go for a device that doesn’t depend exclusively on its screen for input. Admittedly, the iPhone does have a great variety of affordable apps and out of all the smartphones out there it’s definitely the sexiest. I dunno … Maybe if I have excess cash to spare or maybe when the rumoured iPhone 4G comes out. We’ll see. I’m still not convinced about the iPhone’s ability to function as a work phone. It still feels like a fun phone that’s more a toy than some of the other devices that’s out in the market now.

In the meantime, the iPhone 3GS is finally available with someone else other than Maxis which is great for consumers all over Malaysia! As for me … well, I’m gonna wait for Windows Phone 7 Series before I decide on a new smartphone. I can’t wait to see how Microsoft is going to level the playing field with it’s revamped mobile OS. If you’ve been waiting to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, I suppose now’s the time to do it. DiGi’s data plans have always been the best value for money in the market, and I trust they’ll do the same here with their iPhone bundles.

Check it out!


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