Testing The Tester

PSN's The Tester

PSN's The Tester

PSN’s “The Tester” is a show in which a “select” bunch of gamers actually compete in one challenge each week that’s supposedly designed to weed them out to determine which of them gets a “dream” job as a game tester with Sony. It all seems far-fetched to me and it’s scary seeing these guys and the fanaticism they have for gaming.

I’ve been watching the show for the past 6 weeks now and it’s a strange show in that the contestants don’t really do much when it comes to actual competition. So far the contestants have done the following:

  • Played a game of “spot the difference”
  • Rolled around in a transparent plastic ball
  • Launched and caught American footballs with a make-shift slingshot
  • LARPed (Live-Action Role Play)
  • Answered PlayStation Trivia questions
  • Paintballed
The Cast

The Cast

The show doesn’t give viewers any insight into the gaming industry and in terms of entertainment-value it’s not that great. I really feel the creators could have done a better job with the challenges to make it a better watch for every one. Maybe they’ll do better if they ever decide to do a 2nd season of the show.

“The Tester” is available FREE for download if you’ve signed up for a U.S. account over Sony’s PlayStation Network so check out an episode or two and judge for yourself how poor the show is. Having said that, FREE content is FREE; so I download it anyways cos’ I’m curious if it’d get any better as they head towards the end-game plus AMPED (one of the contestants) is kinda cute.

Find out more on show’s official site.


2 thoughts on “Testing The Tester

  1. That’s because it’s a reality show with the “trappings” of gaming. Not really a gaming show…. heck they don’t even look that geeky!

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