I am with you

He Watches Over Us

He Watches Over Us

I’ve been learning how to quiet down my heart to listen to God and so far it’s been an awesome experience. This morning, I had an impression of God gently remind me; “I am with you.”

And WOW, I did a search in the Bible and here are some things that I learned about God and His promise to be with us.

  • We do not have to fear because He is with us (Gen. 26:24; Isaiah 43:5)
  • He watches over us where we go (Gen. 28:15)
  • He strengthens and upholds us (Isaiah 41:10; Haggai 2:4)
  • He rescues us (Jer 1:8; Jer 1:19; Jer. 15:20; Jer. 30:11, Jer. 42:11)
  • He protects us from harm (Acts 18:20)
  • He is with us in spirit (1 Cor. 5:3,4)

Really awesome stuff! Look up these verses for yourself and see!


One thought on “I am with you

  1. Yes He is always with us, even if we ignore Him and still seek something else to fill our hearts, He is there waiting, waiting for us to spend time with Him and acknowledge His sacrifice.

    I leave you with the lyrics to Tenth Avenue North — By Your Side.


    Why are you striving these days
    Why are you trying to earn grace
    Why are you crying
    Let me lift up your face
    Just don’t turn away

    Why are you looking for love
    Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough
    To where will you go child
    Tell me where will you run
    To where will you run

    ‘Cause I’ll be by your side
    Wherever you fall
    In the dead of night
    Whenever you call
    And please don’t fight
    These hands that are holding you
    My hands are holding you

    Look at these hands and my side
    They swallowed the grave on that night
    When I drank the world’s sin
    So I could carry you in
    And give you life
    I want to give you life

    (Chorus 2x)

    Cause I, I love you
    I want you to know
    That I, I love you
    I’ll never let you go

    (Chorus 2x)

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