Fear is the Mind-killer

Fear is the mind-killer.

The Lovely Francesca Annis in 1984's Dune

The Lovely Francesca Annis in 1984's Dune

A classic line from David Lynch’s Dune starring Kyle MacLachlan that also featured a scruffy-looking Sting (surprise, surprise). Fear indeed is a mind-killer but so is doubt and laziness; especially when it comes to exercising and being healthy. These two obstacles were something that I had to overcome when I started exercising and even though it gets easier every day; I still face them every time I wanna get out there to exercise.

Fear and doubt is the mind-killer here cos’ that’s the very first thing I have to overcome before hitting the gym. I face the same thing too  just after I finish my run and am just about to do my push-ups. It’s all in your mind you see. Fear, doubt and laziness are the very first things you need to overcome.

I never thought I’d be able to do it but 3 months of hard work has paid off. Being disciplined to run is really difficult cos’ the first thing you have to overcome is your mind saying “you can’t do it” & laziness! Laziness is the number one killer to regular exercise and Nike’s tagline of just doing it really makes sense here.

Today is my 27th day running in the gym and guess what? I hit my target of being able to run for 3 kilometres non-stop last week on Saturday and in the past 2 runs I’ve done I’ve surpassed my original goal. I’m now doing a 3.6 kilometres and it takes me just about 30 minutes to complete my run at an average speed of 7.2kph. If I can do it so can you. Really!

At the end of the day it’s not about what you intend to do but what you actually do that counts. I leave you with some very wise words.

Just do it!


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