A Night with Zee Avi

Zee Avi Live in Kay El!

Zee Avi Live in Kay El!

Last night’s affair was laid back, simple and the Malaysian songstress was backed by a drummer and bassist whilst she sang and played her guitar & ukulele (I finally spelled it right!). Zee was truly in her element and it’s great that AirAsia took great effort to bring her in conjunction with the launch of their online ticketing portal AirAsiaRedTix.com.

The crowd sang along to her songs; most memorably when she was singing “Bitter Heart”. It was a magical evening in a sense cos’ she sounded perfect in her vocals and it was a bold move to have minimal accompaniment. The evening was a testament that she truly deserves the success that she is enjoying now and I can’t help but feel a sense of pride that a Malaysian is making it in the U.S. of A.

The performance was pretty short with Zee ending the evening after an hour of performing, capping the evening off with “Kantoi” to which the audience chanted and asked for more. She obliged with a beautiful rendition of “Monte”. As I walked away last night, I picked up a copy of her album cos’ it’s important to support original music. After all, I understand completely how it is to struggle as a musician in my own label.

Thank you Zee Avi for a wonderful evening of song (and some dance). I can’t wait for more releases from her that contain more original songs in time to come.

Malaysia boleh!

P.S. Rock Corner is organising a “meet & greet” session at their outlet in The Gardens, Midvalley this Tuesday (23 March 2010) at 9.00pm. I might make my way there cos’ I bought a copy of the album last night and signed my name up! We’ll see…


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