Turning 32 & More

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in ages so I guess I better say a few words after turning 32 last Tuesday.

Before I ramble on I really wanna thank everyone who were a part of making my birthday a really good one this year. I’m overwhelmed by the number of Facebook messages and SMSes that came in. Some were early, some were on time and some were late but the thought that went into it really showed.

Here are some highlights in bulleted form so that I don’t bore any of you with too many words. 😛

  • An early birthday cake on the 3rd of March when I popped by a cell group that was meeting at my buddy J-son’s house.

An early birthday cake!

  • A feast of gourmet sausages and pasta with the members of my Mentoring & Accountability Group on 8th March. Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes and the eat the cake with candle challenge! And thanks for the blessings that you wished upon me.
  • My actual birthday started off with a boatload of Facebook messages, SMSes and the present of a laptop bag from my brother Luke. There were some calls throughout the day too. It was marred somewhat by my cough but on the whole I had a great day with the treat of a banana chocolate cake and a Star Wars Homing Spider Droid from my colleagues. I capped it off with a nice black pepper crab dinner with my family before succumbing to my cough that had me sick leave on Wednesday and Thursday.

    I spy a laptop bag wrapped in paper...

    A companion for my lone Trade Federation droid at home

    A companion for my lone Trade Federation droid at home

  • Last but not least, my subzone mates celebrated my birthday on Friday with some pressies and really awesome Birthday Tag Book that was handmade by my best bud’s wife. She’s even got a YouTube video up that explains what it all means. Thanks guys!
12th March pressies!

12th March pressies!

A really nice G2000 shirt!

A really nice G2000 shirt!

The awesomely crafted Birthday Tag Book

The awesomely crafted Birthday Tag Book

Last but not least I wanna thank God cos’ my mom (who has been struggling through a very bad eye infection) was a whole lot better on my birthday; which is the best birthday gift of all. There were many other things that I could’ve asked God for but I decided that the best birthday gift would be to have mom better and I’m thankful that He answered that prayer.

Anyways, thank you everyone for making my birthday a good one. I wish all of you many good things too in whatever place of life you’re in!


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