Alice in Wonderland (Movie Review)

Alice in Wonderland

I managed to catch Alice in Wonderland yesterday and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it despite some of the bad reviews that it has received. It’s very much derived from Lewis Carroll’s two books and Tim Burton does a great job at taking the story further from where the books left off. It’s a Tim Burton movie through and through; featuring his favourite leading man Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and his wife Helena Bonham Carter playing the Red Queen.

Visually the movie is a trippy experience with wild colours and creatures that can only come from Burton’s imagination. It’s not a kids’ movie really cos’ the themes are very adult and having read the books before I’d say that Carroll’s work is definitely off the beaten track; which is captured perfectly in the movie. It’s a tale of choice really with Burton’s version of Alice (played by newcomer Mia Wasikowska) an adult now at 20, returning to Underland (or Wonderland as she knows it) with a prophecy of sorts that heralds Fabjrous Day; the day Alice is destined to kill the Jabberwocky.

It’s a story of self-discovery and self-exploration in a sense. I won’t spoil the rest of the plot for you but I’d catch this one and judge it for yourself. It’s a great Tim Burton movie with the usual dark edge. The cast does a great job and the special effects are pretty cool. I didn’t catch it in 3D so I really don’t know if it’s worth the extra dough to go into the 3rd dimension. I heard that the move was converted from 2D to 3D so it might not be that great a 3D experience. Nevertheless the option is available to all of ya.

I give Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” a solid 4 stars.

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)


8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland (Movie Review)

      • Thanks! Ha ha! I don’t really consume that many blogs. The ones that are there are all friends & colleagues of mine. So I just thought I’ll link up to em’.

  1. Try reading the premise of the story of an old game – American McGee’s Alice. I think it’ll suit Tim Burton’s style.

    Anyway, your review makes me excited to catch it in 3D tomorrow.

      • Yep, I enjoyed it, but am definitely underwhelmed by the whole 3D experience. I get more 3D ‘oomph’ watching the Toy Story characters introducing 3D to the audience than the entire movie.

      • Yea … I read somewhere that Alice was not really made for 3D. Oh well, we learn things the hard way some times. 😛

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