Heavy Rain (PS3 Review)

Heavy Rain I just picked up this thriller of a game on Thursday night on the eve of Awal Muharram and managed to finish my first play-through last night at 1.30am. It’s a great game and plays out almost like a movie with lots of points in which you can interact with all kinds of characters whilst exploring a gorgeous 3D environment. The plot is pretty good and because it’s a video game the big reveal of the identity of the Origami Killer is pure magic by virtue of the medium in which the story is told.

I mucked up a fair bit on a large number of the Quick Time Events (QTEs) and so the ending I got at the end was a really tragic one with the killer getting away with 3 out of 4 of the main protagonists perishing. It’s a great game and definitely worth more than 1 play-through in order to experience all that it has to offer.

Tip: It helps to pay attention to some of the details in the game as there are points where you’d need it in order to set yourself up for some of the more “positive” endings.

Technically the game looks gorgeous at 720p with beautifully rendered character models and backgrounds. It’s definitely one of THE games to fire up to show off the power of your PS3. Having the opportunity to experience the story from the perspective of 4 different characters gives players a different sort of movie experience.

If you’re a fan of movies and video games Heavy Rain would be a great addition to your PS3 library. Quantic Dream has done a bang-up job with this one. Pick it up today at a store near you!

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


3 thoughts on “Heavy Rain (PS3 Review)

  1. Why are most games in PS3 720!?! *sigh*

    Having said that, to my untrained eyes 720p still looks gorgeous!

    Back to Heavy Rain, I heard one reviewer comment that because your choices are personal it’s hard to play it again and play differently…

    • Well, playing it through again would require conscious effort to make different choices. The game’s not too long so there’s ample opportunity for multiple playthroughs. This time not at a slower pace cos’ I was sorta rushing thru the game a lil’ so I’ll have something to talk about on a upcoming podcast. 😛

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