A Series of Unfortunate Events

Aiyo. It’s been quite an eventful month for me, my family and some of my friends.

Car woes
My dad’s windscreen got shattered 2 Saturdays ago. Mega-bummer. Three friends had car mishaps. 1 four-car pile-up, 1 fender bender and another windscreen shatter. I personally was involved a hit & run when my car was parked outside church last Tuesday. A trailer or something hit my car and gashed the front passenger door. Here are some pix. Really nasty stuff…

Decepticon Gash Decepticon Gash

 Shattered Window The Shattered Window

I spent most of the day on Wednesday sorting things out in the police station. The lesson I learned? Make your police report in the place where the accident happened cos’ you can’t get your report number unless it’s made in the jurisdiction of the traffic police station in question. So for accidents in KL… make it in the KL Traffic Police HQ and for accidents in PJ do it in the HQ in PJ State.

The car’s in my condo now cos’ I doubt the workshops would be able to do anything before CNY. So it looks like I’ll be using my parents’ new Myvi for a bit. I’m not that great with a manual but it’d be good practice I suppose.

Heat-related Headaches
The CNY heat has been trouble. Quite a few of us had mild to bad headaches due to the heat. Heh. Or maybe too many oranges. I’ve not had a single orange at all so my mild Sunday headache must have been caused by the terrible heat.

All in all, CNY this year has been really quiet and small but that’s OK. I got to spend some time with family and I could vegetate a lot which is a change from my Christmas-New Year travel spree.

I do wonder why all these things have happened. My car getting gashed was totally unexpected and a colleague of mine actually poked fun at me for going to church that night instead of going for a movie with him. The question has hit me about why all this trouble in following God but I know that’s probably the Devil whispering doubt into my heart. I’ve been learning a lot that life just happens that way and that key to becoming a better follower of Him is through the not nice and painful incidents in life.

Challenges. Trouble. These things define who we are. Our character is made or broken based on our responses to the trouble we face in life. I’m not there just yet but I think I can follow God a lil’ better these days compared to before.

Have a great what’s left of your CNY guys. As for me, I return to work tomorrow. It’s been a good 5-day break but all good things must come to an end. I hope I didn’t put on too much so it’s back to the gym sometime today or tomorrow morning as I launch myself into Day #17 of my exercise regime.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!


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