The Run So Far

I am Health Conscious

I am Health Conscious

It’s Day #10 today. I’ll be heading off in a bit to run after I’m done with this post.

Making changes to my lifestyle and eating habits is not easy. It’s really difficult for me to not be out for meals with people and not end up eating fast food or stuff that would definitely not help me lose the weight that I wanna lose. I’ve been thinking more and more of just having lunch on my own just so I can have rice with more vegetables at the nearby chap-fan place. I really need to do more research on dietary changes that I need to make so I can maintain my weight healthily. It’s especially tough to say no to fast food and fried foods… heh. But I shall try and try until I succeed at disciplining my eating habits.

Anyways, here’s an update about my exercise regiment. I’m able to run 1.2km right now but my breathing is still not that great and I get pretty out of breath after about 6minutes or so. Does any one have any tips on breathing techniques that could help me maintain my pace better? Other than that I just upped the number of push-ups just yesterday to 15 push-ups. It’s slow-going but I know that I have a target and that I’ll be able to lose weight and be healthier if I keep this up daily. I already feel really good about running and even thought there’s little weight loss right now I am 100% certain that changes to my lifestyle will help me run this race of life better.

Change is not easy but it’s worth it. Here’s a lil’ something I read today Our Daily Bread about change which I could immediately relate to the difficulty I have in doing something about my weight and overall health. Look at the time… It’s time to go on my run. Thank God for the extra treadmills that they’ve added at my condo gym. What a blessing!


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