Day #2

Mission Impossible

Mission update: 81 kilos (Horror of horrors, I finally weighed myself today. I’m actually 3kilos heavier compared to my usual 78kilos – which is already way FAT compared to when I was actually 69kilos 2 years ago.), 1km in 10mins & 10 push-ups

Mission target: 75kilos, 3km in 30mins & 10 push-ups daily (I have still a very long way to go, keh keh!)

I need to jaga my diet now. I read somewhere that the suggested daily intake for meat is one portion of meat in one meal with the other meals to be made up of  stuff like fish & vegetables. I’m gonna have to read up a bit more about weight management and stuff.

Good-bye McDonald’s… Good-bye Burger King. Does that mean good-bye to Subway too? I think this means a lifestyle change… cos’ changing my diet would mean following my colleagues out for lunch less. Rats! Does that mean lonely lunches with just me and Subway? 😉

Look out for Day #3 which will be coming your way this Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Day #2

  1. no need to good bye Subway la… they’re kinda good for health compared to most other food we eat outside if ya ask me… but, definitely, bye bye ninja joe 😛

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