Weight Woes

I Feel Fat

I Feel Fat

I feel fat. Well. The fact is I AM overweight! The good news is that it’s not too late to change that and after my trip down to Singapore I am really more determined to do something about my health and more importantly my inglorious tummy. I know that I don’t exactly qualify as fat but having excess weight really puts a dampener in my self-worth. It’s funny that the state of my physical being matters so much to me the older I get.

The sad thing about being overweight is that it’s a cycle that perpetuates itself. You get depressed cos’ you’re overweight. You eat cos’ you can’t help but feel hungry. You feel it hopeless to change things. I think that’s why most people don’t do anything about their weight, cos’ it’s such a depressing state to be in and breaking out of it is tough. People saying I’m fat stings but it’s not exactly the right motivator to lose weight. I personally believe that negative criticism is the wrong way to go to encourage someone to be fitter. Asians tend to always pick on things and they call it “constructive criticism” – which really sucks. Nevertheless I know I want to be fitter for myself and I’m gonna really do something about it this year.

Today marks day one in my exercise routine. I ran 1KM at a speed of 7 kilometres per hour. It wasn’t a constant run because the treadmill I was on kept slipping. It’s a good thing that the other one was working properly. A buddy over in Singapore gave me tips on managing my weight and so here’s what I intend to do in the next 2 months or so to build my stamina and on top of that I’ve added my own diet plan.

  1. Run at least 3 times a week, starting with a distance of 1KM this week and raising the bar incrementally so that eventually I’ll be running a distance of 3KM non-stop. I didn’t do too well today and will do better in my next run now that I’ve discovered which of the treadmills is working properly.
  2. Do 10 push-ups every day. Why? Building muscle would aid in calorie burning I guess.
  3. Cut down on sugared drinks and drink more H2O.
  4. Eat more vegetables and less fried foods. Cut down on meats.

The regime sounds simple I know but if I can keep this up regularly I’ll soon be able to graduate to hitting the roads to run. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime wish me luck and if you have healthy weight management tips for me; do drop me a line.

I hope that this post encourages everyone to do something about their health so we can run the race of life. Till next time. Happy trails!


2 thoughts on “Weight Woes

  1. go Chris go!! i also want to lose some weight also – gonna start by managing what i eat as well as getting some regular (cardio) exercise!

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