My 2010 Movie Hit List Pt 1

Here’s a list of movies that I’m looking forward to as we enter a glorious new year (in alphabetical order).

Alice In Wonderland Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland should be a blast. I’ve always loved Tim Burton’s stuff ever since he his take on Batman with Michael Keaton back when I was a teen. Johnny Depp looks creepy as the Mad Hatter but I’ll still catch this one.
Clash of the Titans The Clash of the Titans remake is something to look forward too especially since I remember the original Clash of the Titans in it stop-motion glory. Sam Worthington is definitely making his mark in Hollywood as he makes his 3rd biggest role after Terminator Salvation and Avatar. I’m sure he’ll do better than Harry Hamlin. Heh.
Salt Angeline Jolie’s upcoming actioner Salt looks quite exciting. I’ve seen the trailer once or twice at the cinema and even if the story’s crap it should be a thrill-fest much like Wanted was. Keep an eye out for this one.
Shrek Forever After Shrek returns in a brand new one with Shrek Forever After. I’ve heard that it features Shrek in an alternate dimension. I’ll have to check out the trailer after I’ve finished this post. Mike Myers is always a barrel of laughs and Shrek has never disappointed me so far. I don’t expect this 4th instalment to be any less.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus! Terry Gilliam is quite the genius. The first time I ever heard of Gilliam was his 1988 epic The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I’ve only seen two of his movies so far (12 Monkeys & Brothers Grimm) but suffice to see I like his style. It’s out now in the cinemas so I’ll have to catch this one a.s.a.p. before it disappears at the box-office.
The Lovely Bones Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones is gonna be a real treat. I’ve seen the trailers and I have a great vibe for the movie. It has supernatural elements mixed in with a who-dun-it thriller edge. Conceptually its nothing new but Jackson is such a great director and I don’t think he can do wrong in this one.

I’m still scouring for movies of note so do keep a look out for add-ons to this list in a future post.

Happy trails and have a great time at the movies this year!


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