Digital Movie Woes

The Apple iTunes Store: Friend or Foe?

The Apple iTunes Store: Friend or Foe?

Alamak! I tried activating digital copies of some movies so that I could take em’ along with me on our road trip to Malacca today and FAILED! Why? Cos’ the Blu-rays I have are US-based and I need a US iTunes account to activate em’. This is quite annoying. It looks like I’ll have to figure out how to set up a U.S. iTunes account. Can anyone with a U.S. address and credit card help me? Please? Pretty please?

Cross-country issues like this are one of the things about digital content that strengthens the case for traditional media for me. I’m still an avid supporter of disc-based media and as long as publishers and distributors can’t figure out how to play nice outside of the U.S. I guess there’ll always be a place for Blu-rays and CDs.

Oh well, it’s no loss to me cos’ I am already purchasing my favourite movies on Blu-ray. I can’t seem to stand normal definition movies these days which cuts down the number of movies I can afford. Why? Blu-rays are still quite expensive at close to RM160 a pop. Thankfully I’ve noticed sub RM100 Blu-rays entering the Malaysian market which is welcome news to hi-def movie lovers all across the country. Amazon’s got great deals on Blu-rays though so I suppose it’d be good to hook up with other movie lovers to bulk purchase movies so we can share the cost of shipping.

In the meantime I guess it’l be off to a local video store for me when it comes to my favourite movies.


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