My Evangeline

Ray, the firefly

Ray, the firefly

In Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog”, you’ll meet Ray, an endearing & good-hearted lightning bug who helps Tiana & Prince Naveen on their journey as they search for Mama Odie deep in the Bayou. He’s not the most good-looking of bugs but I liked him instantly cos’ Ray always had the best of thoughts for each person he met even when things appeared to be otherwise. Ray’s a dreamer and I liked the fact that he was in love with Evangeline, the bright shining star  that Tiana and her friend Lottie kept wishing upon in the early part of the movie.

As I watched the movie, Ray reminded me that wishes do come true and that it’s OK to dream. Life is so much more than just having our eyes set here on earth cos’ without dreams I don’t think we’ll be able to get anywhere. After all, life isn’t just about being bogged down and dragged in the mud of our struggles and difficulties. The movie reminded me that it’s OK to dream big dreams but the steps to get there require hard work and a lot of God to get there. It means picking ourselves up every time we fall and working at it till something happens. Dreams can give us hope and I’m thankful we’re created with dreams in us cos’ without hope life would be very hard to bear. We lose our dreams too easily as we grow older and I’m glad that “The Princess and The Frog” had a lesson to teach me about dreaming again and to believe in good things rather than bad.

Wishes can come true and like Ray, I wanna keep my eyes set on the things that I hope for, to work hard for it just like Tiana and to trust in God to bring these things to pass in His good timing.

Till next time. Keep on dreaming.


One thought on “My Evangeline

  1. Dreaming… Hmmm. I believe in dreaming but it still can’t beat the harshness of reality. But then maybe dreaming is always a better disguise. Better still, get rid of indecisiveness & make dreams come true. Let’s see what inspiration I have after I watch it. 😛

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