A Christmas Carol (Review)

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Sigh… I didn’t like this one that much. Of course, I must admit that the original source material is a little dark so I can’t blame Robert Zemeckis for how it turned out to be. The only saving grace that “A Christmas Carol” had were how uncanny the characters looked like their real life counterparts. The movie does feature a rich cast but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to make this 3D-animated flick a good one.

There were lots of 3D moments in the movie and it might have made a difference if I had managed to watch it in 3D. Oh well, never mind … there’d be other 3D movies in future. I wouldn’t recommend this one at the cinemas folks cos’ there’s just not enough to make it worth  your RM10 at the cinema.

Rating: 1 Star (out of 5)


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