Lessons I Learnt from the Air-cond Guys

Service your life.

Service your life.

I was watching the air-cond guys clean the unit in my room which made me think about what it takes some time to clean up areas in my life. Here’s what they did to get my air-cond working properly again:

  1. They first checked the air-cond to test the problem.
    In life we need to take stock first to see if we have problems or hang ups. Much like how it took 3 workmen to service my air-cond sometimes it takes not just us but more than one person to bring light to blind spots in our lives.
  2. The air-cond guys removed the window that was obstructing them from getting to the parts of the air-cond that were outside my room.
    While there was nothing wrong with the window in my room, the air-cond guys still had to remove it to reach the problematic air-cond. Similarly sometimes we need to put consider separating things in our lives that are good and put them aside in order to assess and reach the problematic spots in our lives. Our strengths can blind us and obstruct us from admitting certain problems in our lives.
  3. They removed the entire air-cond unit including the compressor and cleaned the innards in the bathroom.
    It’s beneficial to give our attitudes, thoughts and views a good scrub down every once in awhile. Pride is what gets in the way here cos’ humanly we can never admit we’re wrong so it takes a lot of honesty & humility to give our inner selves a good clean-up. Warning: It can be painful and hard to accept at times.
  4. Once everything was scrubbed and clean; they mounted everything back and filled it up with gas.
    Once cleaned-up  we need to fill up on good things again in order to get going. I suggest the Bible or the good advice of a sensible friend to top up on things again. God speaks both through the Word and also people you know?
  5. The air-cond’s all fixed. So the guys cleaned up a little and were off (after I paid them RM150 for their services of course).
    Ah. Things are nice and clean and it’s good to be appreciative to God and the people that have helped us through some of these issues. No. You don’t have to pay them RM150. Heh heh. A big thank you would suffice.
  6. Even though the air-cond was fixed I still had to clean up my room after by wiping the stuff in my room that were dusty and also by sweeping & mopping the floor.
    There’s always additional stuff to do even after we’ve fixed up major things in our lives. It’s a natural spillover so don’t tire; keep at it and soon your life would be squeakier much like my room is now. Ah. Did I mention my air-cond’s now working properly again?

Next time you’ve got time to spare why not observe the air-cond guys? They may have lessons to teach you like they did me. Oh and if you live in the Setapak area, give Ah Lim a call at 019 270 3277; his guys did quite a good job and were not very messy. 🙂

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “Lessons I Learnt from the Air-cond Guys

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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