HTC Touch Pro Gripes

I can’t help but write this during office hours because I am very annoyed by this weird bug that causes me to lose my Favourite contacts on my phone every single time it happens. Here’s what happens to my phone whenever I’m in the office:

  • My Touch Pro is hooked up to my PC to charge & sync emails, etc all day in the office
  • It syncs every once in awhile to get updated mails from Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • When a sync happens lately this error message pops up ever so often

There has been a change made on your server that requires you to re-synchronize all items on your device. All changes made since your last successful sync will be lost.

  • The phone goes through entire re-sync process which takes ages and the end result is that I lose all my list of favourite contact numbers every single time it occurs; meaning I have to select my favourite numbers again & again & again

Just a few days ago a weird thing happened where lots of contacts on my phone went missing but they still existed on Outlook and a sync didn’t do anything to solve the problem. I restored the contacts to my phone from my Mac using Missing Sync but when I did a sync with my office laptop Windows Mobile Device Manager duplicated the contacts on both my phone and Outlook 2007! Gaaaaah! To fix the problem I had to manually remove the duplicate numbers but the good thing was I also did some spring-cleaning on my contact list at the same time. Sigh. Maybe I should get an iPhone even though I am quite happy with how Windows Mobile works when it comes to doing actual “work” stuff. I really love the physical QWERTY keyboard on the Touch Pro and I hate touchscreen-based keyboards. What’s going on here? It’s such a weird problem that’s widespread and no one seems to be doing anything about it. *looks over at Microsoft and other smartphone makers*

The dumb ass solution...

The dumb ass solution...

It is annoying and I am pretty sick of having to go thru this on an almost daily basis lately. One suggestion that I found online was to turn of email sync which is kinda stupid as the reason why I have a smartphone is so I can stay up to date on emails on Outlook without having to pop open my notebook all the time. The most useful thing about synching emails is so I can read them and catch up on stuff when I’m on the go. So much for working smart! *sighs* An official forum thread I looked up had no proper solution too. Gyaaah!

I’ve been looking into this on and off for months but to no avail. Has anyone come across any solution to this problem? It’s A N N O Y I N G ! ! ! ! Ā H A L P ! ! !


4 thoughts on “HTC Touch Pro Gripes

    • Buy me one la brader. Keh keh … I am waiting for Windows Mobile 7 actually. I can’t go back to non-smartphones. I’d feel like a neanderthal. šŸ˜›

  1. recently i wanted to try syncing FILES to my laptop…. i cudn’t really do what i wanted to, and ended up ending the partnership and deleted the files off my laptop. i don’t know if it was the sequence in which i did it or what… but i ended up losing some files on my HTC šŸ˜¦ smart little me had to do a shift-delete on the files earlier sync-ed :((

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