I Want!

“I waaaaaant!”

Sounds familiar? You’ll hear similar tantrums in a toy store when children pester moms & dads for the latest plaything that catches their eye. You might laugh as you read this but don’t we adults behave the same way? The worst part is that we behave exactly like children and our tantrums last far longer when things don’t go our way.

We want what we want and we want it now; it’s the sort of mentality we have when we’re at a fast-food joint and that Happy Meal you ordered doesn’t get to you in 5 minutes or so. Not many people believe in working their way slowly & surely towards things these days and being patient is slowly becoming an artform rather than the norm. We’ve lost our ability to build deep things into our lives in our bid to get things faster & quicker. I really believe there’s great wisdom in building our character first before we go for bigger things. If we don’t have character the cracks will show up after awhile and things will just fall apart.

Link doesn't say much but he is always a man of his word.

Link doesn't say much but he is always a man of his word.

I was mentioning this the other day to a friend that character shows after awhile. We can chase things & sweet talk people into things but if we don’t have character to back it up nothing will last. It’s starting to show up a lot in my own life especially when it comes to keeping appointments or doing things for other people. I love people. Truly. It’s always in my heart and intention to spend time with people but because I’m too easy in expressing my words & intentions I end up disappointing others and over-stretching myself. It’s a bad habit and not something that I’m very proud of that I hope to change.

Being a man of character would mean me saying what I mean and meaning what I say so that I can keep my promises & appointments with people. In the short run I can make people feel good with my words & intentions but in the long run I don’t build anything if I cannot do what I say. For starters, I’m learning how to keep my promises to people by maintaining a list of reminders on Outlook which syncs to my HTC Touch Pro. Here’s what I plan to do each day:

  1. List down all the things I need to do in Outlook every morning the moment I get into work
  2. Categorise them into a few distinct categories such as Personal, Work, Record Label, DUMC, etc – that way I take care of everything wholistically
  3. Check them off one by one as they get done
  4. Add on things as & when they come to mind immediately either in Outlook itself or on my mobile if I’m away from my PC

After a series of moh cha cha events last week and disappointing more than one person I realise that it’s becoming a bad syndrome in my life so hopefully I’ll be able to instill this habit quickly so I can be more trustworthy whenever I promise something to someone. It’s a lesson that needs to be learn cos’ life doesn’t get any easier as we grow into more responsibilities as adults.

Join me and make a reminder today and be a person of your word rather than just a person of words. This is something that I definitely want! Today! 😛


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