Windows 7 Live at Low Yat!

Windows 7 @ Low Yat

Windows 7 @ Low Yat

I sure am excited. Microsoft is organising a very public launch for consumers today at Plaza Low Yat. I’m gonna head over there with some of my colleagues in the afternoon to chill out and check out what’s going on today. I’ll probably catch “Inglourius Basterds” at GSC Berjaya Times Square first before joining the official proceedings that start later in the evening. I’m looking forward to it as its been a long wait to see everything come together today.

Windows 7 @ IKANO, PJ

Windows 7 @ IKANO, PJ

The road shows at Ikano Power Centre & Gurney Plaza are still on-going and opens from 10am to 10pm I believe. Find out more about the roadshows at or the official Malaysian Facebook fan page here cos’ I don’t think I wanna copy and paste everything from there. If you can’t make it to Low Yat then try to make your way to the other two venues cos’ I hear there’s tonnes to do there plus I think you can get copies of the full retail version of Windows 7 Home Premium at 30% off! That’s great savings! I’m sure numbers are limited so we probably need to line up a bit to get in on this great deal.  It’s gonna be a long & tiring day for me but I think it’s gonna be worth it. If you have time today join me at Plaza Low Yat to check things out! Drop me a line on Twitter if you’re there and I’ll see if we can meet up or something.

Have an awesome Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Windows 7 Live at Low Yat!

  1. in Malaysia, everything is expensive. students in the UK manage to get Win 7 pro for GBP 30 (RM 170) . how about Malaysian students? ask Yasmin Mahmood this question..

    RM525 price tag for Home Premium, RM800++ for pro and ultimate, can you estimate how many home users will buy it? if not bundled with new pc/laptop system, i dont think malaysian will purposely buy it. expensive for most of us! :((
    that’s why many home users opt to pirated version.

    can microsoft sells win 7 for around RM200 ? or less?

    • I don’t have the answer to that. and yes i do agree original software is expensive for a lot of us. i don’t know what Microsoft is doing about it tho’. but let’s put it this way first world country prices are abundant in not just software. we don’t truly live in a fair world and the sooner Americans & Europeans realise that the better. they force us with their prices and that is something that can only be fixed if they started thinking of what’s fair in this part of the world rather than being focused on their margins alone. good business is about people at the end of the day. if the consumer is getting good value they’ll buy; especially if the price is fair. but we malaysians need a lot of education on intellectual property tho. even if the price was RM200 do you think a malaysian wouldn’t choose pirated stuff that goes for just RM10 or RM20? that’s something to think about no?

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