Wonderment Lost

Here’s more stuff from Our Daily Bread today that reminded me about my own exposure to the Bible as a child and that’s helped instill the wonderment and childlikeness I still have in me when it comes to my faith in God.

A scene from Night at the Museum

A scene from "Night at the Museum"

The movie Night at the Museum portrays the humorous experiences of a security guard at a natural history museum. The excitement begins for him when the displays come to life at night.

Inspired by this movie, directors of a real museum created a similar experience. The staff portrayed historic figures such as knights in armor, Victorian ladies, and Egyptian royalty. When children arrived at the museum, they were told that the people in the exhibits had come alive and needed to be led back to their proper place. As the children responded, history came alive for them.

Children need not be bored by history. This is especially true of Bible stories. Take Moses, for example. He escaped death as a child, was educated as a prince, worked miracles, and received the Ten Commandments on tablets. What exciting story elements that teach children about God!

Biblical stories have been shared with children for generations—all the way back to the times of Exodus (ch.12–13) and Deuteronomy (ch.6). Moses described times when children were retold vital stories from Jewish history.

Why not set a time to read Bible stories to the children in your life? Then watch their excitement as biblical history comes alive!  — Dennis Fisher

The stories in the Word of God
Are there for us to see
How God has worked in people’s lives
Throughout all history.

The Bible’s treasures are found by those who dig for them.

The Bible always leaves me with a sense of wonderment whenever I read it. I guess it’s been somewhat easy for me to believe in all the Bible says cos’ my mom spent a lot of time telling me stories of Moses, David and all the heroes that you’ll find in its pages. I remember having a huge hardcover children’s Bible that had really nice realistic drawings which I used to read on my own. I’d spend hours on my bed flipping through the pages of that gigantic book reading & re-reading my favourite stories. Aaaah … good memories. My view of the Bible was shaped at a very young age and for that I am grateful to my mom for the many hours she spent filling my head with the right stuff; God knows I’ve filled enough of it with the wrong stuff on my own in my later years but that’s another story for another day.

I grew up reading a Children's Bible much like this one.

I grew up reading a Children's Bible much like this one.

Things have changed a lot as an adult when it comes to reading the Word; for the most part I really take the whole Bible as the truth and I still grapple with bits of it. There are some things in there that I still don’t get and that grates at me but I’m glad that God always resolves the stuff that I don’t get or disagree with over time and over the course of my own experiences in life. I know lots of people debate over the Bible and question what it says but I choose not to do so because after reading it for years I see lessons in the Word that help me figure out what my life is supposed to be like and how to live it. The Bible is also part history I believe and I think sometimes we argue over the historical bits and we accuse God of many things without owning up to the fact that humanity is responsible for the mess we are in now. I don’t think that’s very fair to God cos’ the Bible does depict humanity at its worst in portions of it and for a historical record to be true; it has to show both the good & the bad.

I’ve come across people who argue that God is not good by quoting examples from the Bible that demonstrate God punishing people & laying to waste entire nations. True, God has done that but I think if you were to study the Bible further or look into other historical sources, you’d find that some of these peoples are an affront to God and if you were to think about it God has given them plenty of time and opportunity to repent of their sins but there comes a time when enough is enough. Yes, God is good in His character but many of us don’t understand the other aspects of God like His Justice and Holiness. If God were truly a good God then I think He’d honour the free-will that we’ve been given and that free-will like any gift can be used both for good & bad.

Stop blaming God for the injustices in this world cos’ WE are responsible for the way things are. Our environment destroyed is the result of our own greed. Minority groups being cheated and mistreated – the result of our own prejudice & self-centredness. Corruption – the result of our own pragmatism in caring for ourselves & looking out for who’s number 1 – ME. The world is the way it is because of our own actions. Before we accuse God of stuff why not find out more about who He is and take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror cos’ ladies & gentlemen I guarantee you 100% that there are plenty of inconsistencies in our lives that’ll make us cringe if we are honest about it. Sin infect us all and we can’t get out of it ourselves. We need help and we need to swallow our pride to accept that help comes from a simple act to just say yes to Jesus.

Dare we stand for our fellow man?

Dare we stand for our fellow man?

Ladies & gentlemen, this earth is on a timer. My own life is on a timer. It’s tick ticking and counting down to the end. Our lives our finite and here we are thinking that we will live forever with eternity far away from us. What awaits us on the other side? Are you prepared to risk it all in this life in the belief that nothing awaits you at the end?  All we have now is temporal and I for one would like to live life in wonderment of God and in gratefulness for all the good things that we have; taking every opportunity to bring love & goodness into the lives of others. It’s easy to talk about change but acting it out is hard. I feel compassion when I see the poor but I also feel distaste to want to help them out. I know it’s wrong to think & to feel that so what do I do about it? Well, I’ll keep on working at overcoming it and in time put myself in places (boy, I sure am glad my church has ministries that do a lot to help the poor & needy) where I’ll learn how to truly love the poor and marginalised; not thinking myself better than them but realising that we are all one – each one of us sharing the same space on this planet & just as human as the rest.

Dare we bring change?


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