AAR Live in KL Oct 09′ (a mini-review)

AAR Live in KL

AAR Live in KL

Despite the threatening weather the All-American Rejects concert last night was a pretty trippy affair. Lead singer & bassist Tyson Ritter is a really trippy kinda guy and seeing him perform on stage gave me a hippie kinda feel. It wasn’t the rock-like performance I was expecting but just being at a live gig was cool. The turnout last night was great and a sea of people filled the entire parking lot where the concert was held.

Look ma ... the stage is so far away. :P

Look ma ... the stage is so far away. 😛

It’s a shame that I didn’t really know the band’s songs but I listen to radio enough to know that these guys get a lot of airplay as almost every track they performed last night was recognisable. It sucked some that I couldn’t enjoy the night’s performance as much mostly because I couldn’t sing along to most of the tracks and to be frank I thought the sound mix was pretty bad as Tyson’s vocals could barely be heard at times. It was fun to be there with my cousins tho’ and listening to live music is always good.

My cozzies at AAR last night

My cozzies at AAR last night

For those of you who missed last night; you’d be pleased to find out that the band performed almost all their hits as the crowd bopped to tunes such as “Dirty Little Secret”, “Move Along” & “It Ends Tonight”.  The band capped the evening perfectly with their monster hit “Gives You Hell” and all in all we had a good hour’s worth of music which was really cool. As a side note Tyson apologised for the concert’s postponement but in the end the band did hold their end of the bargain up and I am thankful that they made it to our shores for last night’s performance.

A big thank you to DiGi Music for bringing the guys in; I didn’t have as much fun last night but I’m sure all you AAR fans out there had a blast!


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