It’s been a long day today but thankfully a good one. I’ve been out of the house since 12pm at both IJN and KL General Hospital and am very, very relieved & thankful that my dad’s angiogram went without a hitch. The blockage is mild and treatable through medication plus changes in diet I guess. My mom should be discharged tomorrow too so yeah it’s a huge relief that both my parents will be out of hospital too.

My HTC Touch Pro

My HTC Touch Pro

I’m thankful for the hi-tech stuff I have that have been great tools especially when I’m on the go. My battle-scarred HTC Touch Pro is truly a God-send as I’ve been keeping tabs on work emails as they come in. The only thing is that I’ve gotta re-organise them on my work laptop again cos’ my office isn’t on Exchange Server. Here’s how I work around the limitations I have currently with work email with Windows Mobile 6.1’s email client.

  1. My HTC Touch Pro syncs normally with Outlook 2007 so that’s no bother.
  2. I configure a separate email account that checks my work email account every 30 minutes or so. Think of this as a temporary place on my phone for mails that come in when I’m away from my PC. Of course for this to work your PC needs to either be off or Outlook set to offline mode so that emails stay on the server.
  3. Of course my phone is also configured with separate accounts for both Gmail & Hotmail for personal emails.

It’s a horrible workaround I know but that’s how I get around not having push or MS Exchange for work. The strange thing is that I really find it funny that I can’t get the default  account that’s set to sync with Outlook to pull email in and still remain in sync  but I figure it’s probably a limitation with Windows Mobile 6.1.

The Touch Pro has been such a great tool and with all the family emergencies that I’ve been having in the past 2 years, it’s been a great companion for both work & play. In fact I even use it as a modem both on my Windows 7 machine & my Macbook. It’s a fairly simple process getting a Windows Mobile smartphone to work as a modem for my Mac by setting up Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) that my Macbook can connect to.

As much as Apple & Microsoft like to bash each other in their ad campaigns, it’s a nice surprise to learn that both Windows & Mac OS X actually play really nicely with each other. I haven’t yet gotten around to figuring out how to get Windows 7 to connect to my mobile as a modem via Bluetooth but so far I haven’t had the need for it as it works just fine via USB.

Other technical marvels that I am thankful for today are:

  1. PockeTwit (my preferred Twitter client for Windows Mobile)



  2. My Nintendo DSi together with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Elite Beat Agents & Disgaea DS
    The Nintendo DSi

    The Nintendo DSi

    A Trio of DS Goodness

    A Trio of DS Goodness

  3. Palringo that connects to GoogleTalk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger & surprise, surprise Facebook Chat!



  4. Windows 7 (which I have a slightly unhealthy fascination for these days & incidentally doesn’t have any relation to any of the events of today)

    My Favourite OS Right Now - Windows 7

    My Favourite OS Right Now - Windows 7

I am thankful today. Really. It’s been a long day. Tiring. But it was worth it to be able to be there for my parents. On top of that I have these technological marvels that let me keep my responsibilities at my job somewhat whilst at the same time helping me to pass the time a lil’ bit more interestingly at both hospitals today.

*Yawns* I’m tired out now so I guess it’s time to go to bed. I’ve been sleeping early the past few days and waking up at around 6.30am every day which is a good thing.

Cheerios & g’nite everyone!


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