The Top 5 Thank List Returns

Here are 5 things I wanna thank God for today as I lay me down to sleep:

  1. Thank God that my mom is so much better today!
  2. Thank God for the home blessing at Nataly & Ling Yew’s new place. It was an awesome hour plus that we spent together as a cell.
  3. Thank God for my brother Luke who accompanied me all the way to Sg Buloh for Nat & LY’s home blessing.
  4. Thank God for my best bud J-son.
  5. Thank God for His comfort & strength especially with things being really tough right now. What with my mom being in hospital & my dad going for an angiogram on Monday.

It’s off to bed now. G’nite everybody!


One thought on “The Top 5 Thank List Returns

  1. Thank God HIS mercies are new every morning. GREAT is HIS FAITHFULNESS.
    Thank God HIS promises are yes and amen. In old age HE will never leave us nor forsake us.

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