The Good “Old” Days

I’ve been recalling things from my youth a lot these past few days; music I used to listen to as a kid, video games that I played and even people I used to know.

Use Your Illusion I

Use Your Illusion I

First up. Music. I was driving to work on Monday and flipping through my CDs when I chanced upon Guns N’ Roses’ Use Your Illusion II. Needless to say I popped the CD in and basked in the strains of Slash’s awesome guitar riffs & licks. That got me to thinkin’ as to why I never got around to getting Use Your Illusion vol. 1 which was why I picked it up from Victoria Music Centre in Tropicana City Mall yesterday after a work meet up. GN’R doesn’t really produce the “cleanest” of lyrics but being a guitar head I absolutely love Slash’s guitar work which really shined when the band was still together. It’s a pity that the band doesn’t exist anymore with the member line-up it had during its hey day. *sigh*

Wing Commander IV

Wing Commander IV

Secondly, video games. A Thomas Jefferson quote popped up on one of my friends’ status messages that goes something like this:

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

A really awesome quote which unfortunately for me was imprinted in my mind when I was 16 playing Wing Commander IV. I couldn’t help but YouTube up the cut scenes which gave me fond memories of school holidays, QuickShot II joysticks & hours of playing through missions blasting enemy craft to smithereens. Good memories…

Thirdly. People. I’ve been dreaming a lot these days and funnily enough people whom I haven’t thought of in years crop up in my dreams. Just last week I had a disjointed dream where one of my seniors in uni cropped up. I didn’t knew her that well but she was one of the few English speaking girls who was really active in the 4th College committee in UM that I can remember. Thinking of her I can recall most of my seniors’ faces but strangely enough I can’t remember most of their names except for Albert & Yeow Han. My dorm mates were really the best and it’s sad that I’ve lost touch with most of them over the years even though we stayed together in one house for years. Really good memories.

Anyways, I just thought I’d put this down to digital paper this morning and am remembering to thank God for all these good things that I have had growing up – my love for music, fun times to just be a kid with video games and really good people whom I’ve met over the years. I’m 31 today and I still feel like a kid sometimes but recalling all these remind that I have grown up a lot too and I hope that I am a much better person today than I was before.

I have a question for everyone though.

“What are YOUR fondest memories growing up?”

Do drop me a line or comment cos’ I’d love to hear from all of you who read my blog regularly. OK la … I’ve gotta go visit my mom at the hospital now. Thanks all of you for praying for her and for the well wishes. She’s a little better and I hope I can cheer her up and raise her spirits more when I visit her this morning.



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