The Windows 7 Whopper!

Good Lord! Just saw this interesting piece of info online about Windows 7.

Microsoft has teamed up with Burger King and you can actually get a 7-layer whopper for the next 7 days in Japan. 7 grilled meat patties sandwiched in a sesame seed bun. I wonder if anyone can really finish off a burger of that size. I’d be sick of all that meat, heh! Check out the really awesome poster below:

A Whopper of Sevens.

A Whopper of Sevens.

It’s a pretty cool move for awareness & publicity though. Hats off to Microsoft for this unusual stunt. The world is already abuzz at the coming of Windows 7 and I’m pretty excited that others will be able to experience what I’ve been experiencing for the past few months. One more day to go for all of us here in Malaysia before General Availability hits!

The actual launch event at Plaza Low Yat only happens on November 7th and I can’t wait! I heard there’s gonna be loads to do there & there’ll be great offers too!


4 thoughts on “The Windows 7 Whopper!

  1. Have you had a close look at a beef patty from Burger King? They are covered with little “dots”. Might be fat that congealed out of the patty and got cooked! Whatever it is, looks disgusting… 😦

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