Whiteout (Movie Review)



What a waste of time. Not even the lovely Kate Beckinsale (Charlz, Kate Beckinsale DOES NOT LOOK like Jennie Garth at all) could save this horrible thriller. No plot twists. No nothing. In the words of my colleague CK, the makers might as well have called the movie “White Trash” cos’ that’s just what it was; garbage. Maybe we should have gone for “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” instead.

One minor note; it was good to see Tom Skerritt though. I haven’t seen that guy on screen in years and he’s always been a favourite for some reason (maybe cos’ I watched “Top Gun” a gazillion times as a kid). Avoid this movie please, it’s not worth your RM10 at the cinemas; heck it wasn’t even worth the RM8 we paid to watch it last night.

Rating: 1/2 a Star (out of 5)


4 thoughts on “Whiteout (Movie Review)

  1. The only scene worth watching was when Kate Beckinsale was stripping to get into the shower =)…and it still had nothing to do with the plot!!!

    • Ha ha … well, maybe we should’ve walked out of the cinema after that scene had played out. Sigh, why oh why did we not go for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?!!!

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