Mua ha ha ha ha! This is my first real movie review on In the midst of my last-minute time off to sort out some personal matters I managed to get a bit of time for myself to catch “Surrogates” and I enjoyed the movie a whole lot.

Surrogates is adapted from a comic book and is set in the near future. The movie tells the tale of a world partly gone wrong where humanity has opted to live life by connecting themselves & controlling cybernetic creations called Surrogates in order to avoid death. Interestingly enough the use of Surrogates has solved not just the accidental deaths but crime rates have fallen and a lot of the social problems we face today somehow has been magically solved by the use of these robot doubles. It’s a thought-provoking idea to think that the problem with the human race is our inability to accept one another because of skin colour and how we look.

The end result? Everyone on planet Earth ends up living a lie and staying at home hooked up to their stem chairs while their robot doubles go about life. The movie is interesting and has a similar concept to Gamer but I must say that I enjoyed Bruce Willis a lot in this one. It’s a hoot seeing a younger version of him on screen and reminds me of Willis’ days in Moonlighting.

Needless to say the move has a hefty dose of sci-fi action plus some plot twists here and there for good measure. The tale isn’t that complex and I think it’s light enough fair for non sci-fi fans to also enjoy. The movie touches on multiple themes including the ever popular question of what does it mean to be human. It’s a pretty decent watch so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a night out at the movies this month.

Rating: 3.5 Stars


3 thoughts on “Surrogates

  1. You should read this book, its a thriller but also talks about what it means to be human.

    Atheists don’t seem to realize that the natural conclusion of their philosophy is an immoral hedonistic society… if there is no God, there is no right or wrong. Relativistic ethics, which you only adhere to when it suits you. There is no prohibition against deceiving others, the only important thing is to get away with it…

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