Am So Missin’ Aero Snap in Windows 7

Aero Snapped.

Aero Snapped.

After a long day at a shoot I’m kickin’ back a little and decided it’s time for me to fire up Snow Leopard for a bit. Why? Well I’ve been on Windows 7 all weekend till today cos’ of work. It’s easier to work off my Vostro 1400 cos’ all my files are there so I’ve been missing Snow Leopard and my Macbook a fair bit. Anyways, back to my tale for today.

Funnily enough the first thing I tried to do when Safari launched was to do an Aero Snap maneuver which didn’t turn out too well. Ha ha!¬†Obviously the window I was trying to Aero Snap didn’t maximise as it does on Windows 7 and I must say that I’m beginning to love Windows 7 a lot and Aero Snap ranks as one of my favourite features on the OS that Microsoft built.

I am so missing Aero Snap right about now on my Mac and I’m looking forward to getting back on Windows 7 tomorrow at work. Snow Leopard, I still love you but right now I’m enjoying my everyday experience with Windows 7. I’m thinking that Mac fanboys would so want to kill me right now for saying that. LOL!

I still like Snow Leopard but Windows 7 really does have some uber cool features.

I still like Snow Leopard but Windows 7 really does have some uber cool features.

What is Aero Snap? It’s a simple but great feature that allows me to maximise a window by just dragging the window to the top of the desktop. A glow/touch effect occurs and voila the window in question maximises! Cool eh? The handiest thing about Aero Snap happens when I need to compare 2 documents when I’m not dual-screened (which happened today on location). All I need to do is just “snap” each window that I wanna compare. One to the left. The other to the right. And just like magic both windows are instantly resized into equal sized windows that sit side by side for me to compare.

I know, I know. I’m supposed to do an indepth look at Grabber on Snow Leopard but I couldn’t help but write about Aero Snap today. It is such a cool feature.

I [heart] Aero Snap. I really do.


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