Pearl Jammin’

I just got an envelope in the mail today that has all the Pearl Jam I’d ever want in lossless *.m4a format courtesy of my good friend Alan in Sydney. Thanks buddy!

Eddie Vedder and his crew.

Eddie Vedder and his crew.

I’m not sure if I’m picking up the difference in sound quality but at 20 megs a song I would think there’d be a big diff; maybe I just don’t notice it or am not paying enough attention. It’s great listening to uni favourites such as “Betterman”, “Given To Fly”, “Alive” and “Even Flow” at work. Pearl Jam is such a great band. *Sighs contentedly* Oh, oh … and let’s not forget “Daughter”.

Pearl Jam to me is one of the defining bands on the 90’s. The sad thing is that I only got into their stuff in university cos’ my roomies were huge Pearl Jam fans. Kheng Hoe if you’re reading this post; this one goes out to you and all the other Taiping boys who roomed with me the entire time I was in Universiti Malaya.

I get a kick every time I’m on Guitar Hero III cos’ “Even Flow” is actually featured in the game. On another note, if you’re a guitar freak I highly recommend Guitar Hero as the game does help some in actual guitaring. My fingers actually got a whole lot stronger when I was playing GH regularly cos’ I was stretching em’ a lot to hit all the notes in the game. This translated to better playing on my acoustic; a nice but unexpected side effect. It’s funny how virtual guitar is a whole lot more fun compared to real guitar. LOL!

Here’s to Pearl Jam and their upcoming new album. I hope it’s good. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pearl Jammin’

  1. Hey Chris.. after logging into Facebook, I clicked on your blog and started reading. What a nice surprise to see my name on your blog and a post dedicated to me, no less!

    Yeah, those were the days.. I miss the good old days too. My music tastes are still stuck on auto-pilot, still sticking to the old stuff….

    • I definitely don’t miss exams. Heh heh. Pearl Jam might be coming I heard. Anyways, I’m kinda stuck on old stuff at times too. Most notable add-on to my frequent listens are John Mayer & Kelly Clarkson. Daughtry’s cool too and although people think she’s too bubble gummy; I really like Avril Lavigne especially of late. Heh. 😛

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