Stopper Your Thoughts

One of the things that I hate most about being online & modern mediums of communication is that everyone seems to think that they are free to speak out and say out whatever they want. Self-restraint is non-existent because individualism takes centre stage. The worst part is that the internet gives everybody license to mouth off under the cover of anonymity.

In our  pursuit to express our individuality we forget that we influencers have a responsibility in what they say and do; which in my opinion includes knowing how far to go to express oneself. Freedom of expression does not leave you free of the responsibility of what your message does to your listeners. The worst part is that sometimes we applaud these “voices” because we want to be “entertained” in a world that is increasingly becoming gray rather than black & white. Post modernism has caused more trouble than it has freed us. In wanting everyone to be heard we have lost out on values and acknowledging what is right & what is wrong.

Sometimes its best to just shut our yaps. :P

Sometimes its best to just shut our yaps. 😛

A colleague got me to thinking about this through one of her tweets about censorship which get me to thinking. Are we truly able to self-censor ourselves when it comes to picking and choosing movies, etc. I must say that the media is filled with lots of unhelpful messages and that includes stuff like pornography, etc. Humanity at its core can be downright rotten and I don’t believe that we are able to be “good” people on our own (there is an answer to this but it’s not found within humanity). If we were “good”, I think the world would be a kumbayah place where everyone is happy & contented. No hunger. No poverty. No pain.

The sad fact is we’re not. Whatever the best we can be is overshadowed by something that none of us are willing to acknowledge. I know the following is taken out of context but somehow it’s a statement that seems apt when it comes to exercising our freedom of speech.

“Everything is permissible for me”—but not everything is beneficial.


9 thoughts on “Stopper Your Thoughts

  1. 2 Timothy 4
    3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

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  3. Yeah one of the things that I hate most about being online is to meet hypocritical self-righteous pricks like you!

    Tell yourself this –> “Sometimes its best to just STFU” 🙂

  4. Hi Chris, good post!
    I concur that as you say we need to be responsible for what we talk about. We are, to a certain extent, responsible for how we influence people–I guess we’re all not as independent as we think we are, as much some people (humanists?) would like us to believe. .

    In the high regard we have for absolute truth (as opposite to post-modernism), I guess the whole difference in how we express ourselves could be that we don’t go about justifying our wrong behaviour by saying that it’s “the we are, so there” (the way post-modernists do). But we acknowledge what is wrong in us as wrong and we’re on the way to being good..!

    Anyhow got a link to your post from your facebook. Nice resources on techy stuff hehheh.


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