Ready, Steady, GO!

Sony's PSPgo.

Sony's PSPgo.

The Sony PSPgo has just launched and it’s gonna be one pricey portable. I love the way it looks but the price point would make most people think twice about getting one. The one major thing that I like about the device is its slide-out controls that make the whole thing compact. I wonder when I’ll be able to see one here in Malaysia? Hmmm… maybe it’s here already cos’ PS3 Slim units got in pretty early. But I digress, today’s post is not about the PSPgo but rather it’s about portable gaming habits & preferences.

After gaming for years I’ve come to a realisation that the games that I really get into on a portable are very different compared to what I play on their bigger cousins. So what is it that I like to play on my Nintendo DSi? Well, I’ve figured out that pick up & go games make for great additions to my library. Why? Here are a few reasons why I prefer arcade-styled games on a portable:

  1. They are easy to pick up & put down for small bouts of gaming.
  2. Short games are great for times when I’m waiting for someone or something to start.
  3. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete a level.
  4. Near infinite replayability because you main objective usually is to break a high score.

My all-time favourite game right now is Metroid Prime: Pinball! It’s a great pick up & play game and you get hours and hours of fun with it. There are loads of micro game modes within the pinball levels that include shoot em’ up-styled bits and even boss fights. It’s a great game that comes bundled with a rumble pak for that added zing for those of you who are still on the older Nintendo DS or DS Lite.

Metroid Prime: Pinball. Really good fun.

Metroid Prime: Pinball. Really good fun.

Here’s a full list of games that make my Top 5 Chart.

  1. Metroid Prime: Pinball
  2. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
  3. Disgaea DS
  4. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
  5. Animal Crossing: Wild World

What kinda games do you play on your portable? Drop me a line cos’ I’d love to hear from some of ya out there. Comments please!


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