Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

I read the story today of how in the time of Joshua the Israelites nearly came war over the matter of an altar that their brothers had built across the Jordan. Thankfully enough the story did not end in a bloody civil war but it ended happily enough with swords and spears being put away after they talked things over and the truth of the matter was revealed. If you don’t yet know the story click here.

The Punisher always shoots first and asks questions later. :P

The Punisher always shoots first and asks questions later. šŸ˜›

Anyways, the point I wanna make is that its really easy to just lose it and to take up defensive positions or even worse to go into a situation with guns blazing when things aren’t going our way with colleagues and friends. There have been quite a few instances where my blood has boiled this year and I reacted rather than responded to situations (a lot of it has to do with words; which is why I am learning a lot to be careful with the words I use in emails & in my speech). Some of my blow-ups have been warranted but I’m learning that before we make any conclusions it’s always best to clarify things as a first step. By asking questions first and shooting later we save ourselves a whole load of heartache and at the same time we preserve the relationships we have with others.

My recent experience with Apple is a mild example of shooting first and asking questions later. While my conclusion that brands don’t care much about its customers may have been right for the most part, what I should have done is clarified things further before ranting about it. That would have saved me some trouble. Admittedly ranting about it online was also an experiment and test for me to see whether or not Apple would have responded to my emails on their site.

Sometimes it may be justified to be angry at something and cos’ rightly so people do mess up but I’m learning more and more to be patient and to work things through with the person. After all it’s a lot easier to get through to someone without anger clouding the situation. A lil’ more understanding and a lil’ more patience can do a whole lot to ease a situation. Attacking a person for the most part won’t resolve heated situations and at the end of the day we’d regret angry words that we just cannot take back. Even if we’re wronged I’m also learning to let things slide cos’ somehow the truth always gets revealed.

So my tip for the day is:

“Don’t burst a blood vessel and stay still like a mussel.”

Heh … corny I know. Have a good start to the work week peeps.


One thought on “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

  1. cudn’t agree more with you… have been in that defensive/offensive state at my work place every now and then – more frequently than before in the last year or so. basically, it doesn’t help solve the situation. so here i am, trying not to speak first, and instead, to be patient and progress from there…

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