Exonerating Apple

First things first. I’m big enough to admit it when I’m wrong so here it is.

“I’m sorry Apple.”

I must say that I made a mistake by ranting online first about my Snow Leopard problem. So here’s an apology of sorts to Apple. I gave their helpline a call upon the advice of a friend and explained the problem I had with my disc. It was a relief to hear that Apple acknowledges the issue and all I need to do now is read out the serial number on the disc to them.

It was a breath of fresh air to me cos’ most retailers/brands in Malaysia tend to push the problem back to the user first. I understand why Machines couldn’t do a one-to-one exchange for me without a ticket number from Apple themselves and even though I was recommended to give the Apple Helpline a call I didn’t. The basic distrust I had for brands kicked in and I didn’t. Instead I opted to try to reach someone at Apple.com which so far has proven futile. There goes another illusion I had about good customer service from American brands and the web as a communication tool. Oh well. I’ll try the local arm first next time before trying to go international.

I'm sorry Apple... *sheepish look*

I'm sorry Apple... *sheepish look*

I haven’t done so yet cos’ I didn’t have the disc yet and the call centre was closed over the weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to clear things up tomorrow. For all Apple users here in Malaysia here are the correct steps to take should you have problems with Apple stuff as the local distributors have to follow a procedure when it comes to exchanges or faulty products.

  1. First give Apple a call at 1-800 803-638 (for the latest contact numbers in your region click here)
  2. Describe your problem to the friendly voice on the other end
  3. If everything goes well they should be issuing you a ticket number
  4. Have your ticket number on hand when you visit a local retailer to do your exchange

I’ll make the call tomorrow and will do the one-to-one exchange some time within the next few days.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ve been putting together some notes to compare Snow Leopard against Windows 7 as I’m one of the privileged few at work to be running Microsoft’s brand new OS. Check back in a couple of days!


5 thoughts on “Exonerating Apple

  1. It’s the same with every other company.. Lodge a complaint officially thru their customer service 1st.

    Expressing outrage online normally does not constitute as an official complaint, as most providers have their own CS.

    When all avenues fail, then blog, chain mail etc 🙂

  2. haha, unfortunately my dvd belum sampai lagi after 2 weeks. =_= they (apple) made me wasted so much time. their order management team is FOREVER BUSY.

    called Apple Care and they diverted me to OM …..then waited another 20 minutes. nobody answers. i damn frus now.

    using my working hour to call ? arghhh

    i think i will write a formal letter of complaint to Apple Singapore.

    seriously, i’m a very very disappointed first time Mac user.

    • The Apple Hotline is open till 9pm our time although it might take a bit of being on hold before they patch you through. Why don’t you pick up a copy from one of the local retailers? I still haven’t changed my DVD yet cos’ my friend is looking into the case over at the retail end. He works at Machines 1U.

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