Youth Engagement Summit 2009.

Youth Engagement Summit 2009.

Something interesting turned up on Twitter a couple of days ago. I found out that Biz Stone (the founder of Twitter) is actually coming down to Malaysia. Strangely enough by following a few links here and there I found out that there’s gonna be a summit for South East Asian youth that’s gonna be held right here in Malaysia. Most notably humanitarian & musician Sir Bob Geldorf is gonna be here alongside our very own Tony Fernandes of Air Asia. Amitabh Bachan the iconic Indian actor will be here too.

Participation fees are a bomb though with the cheapest weighing in at USD800. Is change only for those that can afford it? I betcha that quite a fair bit of that cost would go to taking “care” of some of these speakers and the associated higher ups who are organising the whole affair. Going to a summit and talking about stuff is great. Listening and being inspired to celebrated figures talk about change is great too but my bigger concern is what are we going to do about it after. Summits. Talks. Conferences. It’s all talk but the follow-through to me is something way more important.

What’s gonna happen after the summit ends? Are things in Malaysia and around the region really gonna change? Are governments willing to support us in bringing that change? Change is not just about talk, it’s about action and I think that’s where all the governments of our world fail. We don’t have enough good people who are willing to act in the positions of power that they are in.

As an asides you can find out more about the YES2009 here. It’d be interesting the attend the summit but shelling out USD800 for the cheapest tickets makes me think more than twice about it.


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