Caught this one with my cousins over the weekend and it wasn’t very good. The only thing that I liked about the movie was the way it was shot. The action sequences were stylish and slick.

The plot of the film was simple (which it itself isn’t bad) but the way the creators resolved everything was what made it me feel cheated. Everything ended too simply with lots of loose ends left untied. I won’t reveal much about the plot but suffice to say the whole concept of fighting for a chance to live in a game show has been done before to much better effect.

I must say that I liked Michael C. Hall (the guy who plays Dexter on TV) who plays the villain in the movie. All in all I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone but fans of Gerard Butler.

On another note, I AM looking forward to Butler’s next appearance in “Law Abiding Citizen” so keep an eye out for that one. Jamie Foxx is gonna be in it too! Catch the trailerĀ here.

Rating: 1.5 Stars


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