Pixar has not disappointed me and I am pleased to announce that UP is worth a watch at the cinema and definitely worth picking up on Blu-ray or DVD for repeat viewings.

The tale of Carl Fredericksen and his floating house is a delightful and heartwarming. The opening scenes are genius! Pixar masterfully tells us Carl’s backstory that sets everything up to the moment when his house goes UP!

Watch it and be entertained whilst being reminded of some valuable lessons about what’s important in life and how much we can mean to people even though we might think otherwise. These are just one of many lessons that you’ll find in the course of Carl’s adventure.

Like all Pixar movies, UP is funny and features great 3D animation. The characters are colorful and zany which is sure to be a hit with kids and those of you with a weakness for cuteness. I caught this one in 3D at GSC Midvalley and once again am disappointed by the 3D effects which were minimal at best. You’d be better off catching this one at a regular cinema and saving the extra RM5 for something else.

All in all UP’s awesome! Go watch it NOW and be reminded why the makers of animated hits such as Wall-E and The Incredibles are masters at their craft. Check out the UP page atĀ Apple.com for exclusive clips (some of which didn’t make it into the final cut of the film) to whet your appetite.

Rating: 5 Stars


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