District 9

District 9

District 9

Wow. That one word describes this Peter Jackson produced movie. In line with my tradition of writing spoiler-free reviews. I shall attempt today to tell you (my readers) just exactly why District 9 was a great watch.

Point #1
District 9’s lead Sharlto Copley was both funny and serious, he made the movie real and his performance draws you in; making you forget that it’s just a movie.

Point #2
It’s not your run-of-the-mill sci-fi movie. It’s shot documentary-styled and thankfully wasn’t vomit-inducing like Cloverfield which I liked also. There’s action. There are great special-effects and aliens of course plus I really like how grittily it was shot.

Point #3
Thematically the movie dealt with the very real problem of ethnic separation and human rights. Sure it’s all masked in the form of an alien species but District 9 hits the nail right on the head about the very uncomfortable fact that we do not treat each other as equals.

Point #4
For a sci-fi movie, the script had a very human and emotional element that I enjoyed thoroughly. It made me think. And I think District 9 is a prime example of how the medium can be used to speak to us about the very things that are wrong in our world today.

Neill Blomkamp really deserves all the acclaim he’s gonna get for this movie. I know, I know … I’m gushing about this movie but you’ve gotta watch it to appreciate it. If you’ve seen as many movies as I have seen it’s a rare treat to be treated to something that’s so different but yet still accessible to general audiences.

I wouldn’t call District 9 ground-breaking but I would certainly consider it one of the few movies that dares to be different in dealing with issues that are very real today in modern day society.

Really awesome stuff. Catch it at a cinema near you and make sure you have good seats. Word of warning, the smaller screens in GSC Tropicana City Mall have really horrible seats especially if you’re to the front. Make sure you are at least 7 rows away from the screen should you choose to catch this one there.

Rating: 5 Stars


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