The Proposal

The Proposal

The Proposal

I have not seen Sandra Bullock in such a long time so it’s good to see her back on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds is a big bonus cos’ I kinda like his on screen persona (you guys should catch “Definitely, Maybe”) in all the movies he’s been in so far.

The movie on the whole was so-so. I expected a lot more from the movie though so to be honest I did walk away feeling a little disappointed. The movie had its moments but I thought the script could’ve been way better. Reynolds and Bullock do have an on-screen chemistry so there are some scenes that do shine out.

I really liked the supporting cast tho especially Mary Steenburgen (gosh if I get married one day I hope she’d look just like that when she’s older) and Betty White. Oscar Nunez who plays the exotic dancer Ramone is pretty funny too.

The movie ends predictably but all in all it is an entertaining watch. Again the best part about it was just being at the cinema and avoiding the jam. By the time I left PJ it was 2am and guess what?! The roadblock just opposite Eastin hotel was still active! I got home tired but hey … I managed to catch two new movies which was really cool.

I wouldn’t really recommend “The Proposal” but I suppose it’s fair to say that everyone should judge a movie themselves without listening to the critics too much. Movies are a personal thing so if you’re a Sandra Bullock or Ryan Reynolds fan go watch this one if you’ve got free time to spare.

Rating: 3 Stars


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