Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

Will Ferrell’s back with “Land of the Lost”, a fantasy comedy which is patterned after old-school TV series’ like Land of the Giants, etc. Not as funny as “Blades of Glory” but for some reason I was laughing quite a lot during the movie. I guess I was looking for a non-cerebral comedy.

The plot is simple. Scientist is dissed for his off-beat theories. Scientist discovers that his theory is true. Scientist sets out with two sidekicks to prove said theory. Scientist and companions get caught up in an adventure.

There’s quite a lot of funny stuff in the movie; including pokes at musicals and the very funny apeman Chaka whom the trio meet when they first appear in the Land of the Lost. The movie’s on it’s final leg at the cinema so catch this one if you’re a Will Ferrell fan (I know I am).

The best part about this movie for me really was being at the movies while the rest of the world had to contend with bad jams due to police roadblocks to deter protestors from heading into KL. I hope that the protests did some good cos’ it just seemed to get people arrested.

Rating: 3 Stars


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