T2: Judgment Day (Skynet Edition on Blu-Ray)

T2: Judgment Day

T2: Judgment Day

I picked up “T2: Judgment Day” on Blu-Ray last week on Monday after catching “Monsters Vs. Aliens” and it sat on my desk in my room for a few days before I finally got around to watching it on Thursday night.

It was a blast! T2 is a defining movie from my childhood and I remember being blown away when I watched it years ago. Sadly, I only got to watch it on video tape and never got to experience it on the big-screen and if things go well I’ll get to experience a semblance of it when I finally get around to getting a HDTV.

Anyways, I haven’t viewed any of the bonus content yet but I am convinced that despite the datedness of some things in the movie, the script is way much stronger compared to any iteration of the franchise. Linda Hamilton’s potrayal of Sarah Connor is amazing and she’s probably one of the strongest characters ever to appear on the silver screen. Strong, manic and obsessed, Sarah Connor represents us if all us would do something about a dystopian future where only death awaits (looking at the way the world is … maybe it’s not too far off; just no killer robots la). Arnold is the star of the show and the having him return as a hero instead of a villain was killer cos’ when everyone expected him to be the bad guy just like in the first film.

Musically the movie rocks! The Terminator theme evokes so much and hearing the strains of the score just sends shivers down my spine especially in the closing scene. I’m not gonna spoil it for some of you who have yet to watch Terminator 2 so just go watch this for yourselves. Pick it up on DVD or something. The great thing about the Blu-Ray version is that it contains 2 versions of the movie (and a third hidden as an Easter Egg I heard) plus tonnes of bonus content.

Give this one a spin – if you liked Terminator: Salvation, you’d like this one.

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


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