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A random image off the web!

A random image off the web!

Strangely enough I don’t really have the desire to express myself too much … I guess being a writer at work I use up my entire quota of words in the office which doesn’t leave much for this blog. Ha ha! But I guess it’s also because I keep a daily journal (almost!) which does it’s job of getting things out of my system.

Why is blogging such a big thing now? I believe that most people blog to express themselves because I think at the heart of it blogging fulfils a very human need to be connected. We all want to be understood by others and we want to feel as if we’re not that alone on this blue & green marble of a planet.

Nobody wants to be just one of the crowd. We all want to feel special. Significant. We want our lives to mean something not just to ourselves but to other people too. Human beings are a strange lot in that sense – we want to be significant but yet so often we remain trapped in self-centredness. It takes great effort to look outside of one self really.

Why do I still blog then? I guess it’s because I hope that my experiences can help others work out things in their own lives. We do not have to make mistakes to learn from them. Why not learn from the experiences of others and in doing so grow a notch in our own lives? I was having a chat with my colleague Jason about writing and doing something that makes a difference and I’ve been thinking more seriously about penning down my thoughts properly into a manuscript. I have an idea for a book somewhere inside me and instead of writing disjointedly in this blog I should start on something right now. Shopping around for a publisher can wait … or perhaps I should just self-publish the book. Ha ha! Would anyone buy it? Hmmm … maybe, maybe not … but we’ve all gotta start somewhere right?

So what does my post today say about my blogging style? I’m a functional blogger … I don’t blog to express myself anymore … I think I blog because I wanna share something important to others about life. And I that’s what my book will be about really … life. It’ll be a book with pretty pictures too I hope … ha ha. I read nothing but comic books these days and find it uber difficult to finish a text-filled tome lately.

Anyways, till next time. Vaya con dios amigos.


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