Are you Twittered today?

Are you Twittered today?

I’m addicted to Twitter. Been hearing a lot about Twitter ever since I’ve been monitoring tech news for the WAP site that I update. After months of reading about Twitter I finally caved and signed up for an account 2 weeks ago on my HTC Touch Pro whilst I was out for lunch with my brother.

Since then I’ve installed the TwitterFox plug-in on Firefox both on my Macbook and on my Dell Vostro at work. And just this week I installed TweetDeck Beta on both machines as well. I don’t know why it’s so addictive to follow others and to have others follow you on Twitter but it just is. The Twitter phenomenon has even extended to celebritydom with Ashton Kutcher challenging CNN in a race to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. Incidentally he won … isn’t it weird what a 140-character limited app can do?

The Adobe AIR-powered TweetDeck Beta.

The Adobe AIR-powered TweetDeck Beta.

It’s a strange social-networking phenomenon but oh so many love it including yours truly. I’ve also installed a Tweeter app on Facebook that automatically updates my Facebook status. How cool is that? I wonder how long this fad will last for me? Is Twitter the next big thing or is it just a passing phase on the World Wide Web?

Only time will tell … for now it’s just FUN to Twitter. Follow me …


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