Deep. That’s the only word I have to describe this brilliant adaptation of the seminal comic book written by Alan Moore & illustrated by Dave Gibbons. We were supposed to catch “Marley & Me” but we couldn’t get tickets and by a stroke of waiting we got tickets to 2-hour & 45 minute long “Watchmen” instead.

Originally released in September of 86′, “Watchmen” is probably the first ever comic book to bring superheroes closer to reality. I believe that Time Magazine voted “Watchmen” as one of the best literary pieces in recent times which is an amazing thing seeing as how it’s a comic book! It was a tad bit too long though and towards the final half-hour or so I really needed to go to the toilet and had to hold it. Ha ha! Definitely one for the Blu-Ray to-buy list when it gets released and definitely worth a re-watch in a more comfortable setting where I can put the movie on pause to go to the toilet when I need to.

I read the comic book years ago and forgot a lot of things about the story but suffice to say it’s an intelligent movie that so happens to be set in a superhero setting. There are strong themes about society in the movie with a strong political statement plus it’s a visual tour de force with a lot of powerful slow-mo sequences used to great effect by Zack Snyder and his team.

Word of warning. Please be on time for the movie. You’ll need every single minute of screen time to understand the plot fully. It’s that complex. 😉

Find out more about “Watchmen” here.

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


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