God’s POV

God's view is bigger!

God's view is bigger!

I’ve been listening a lot to Ps. Edmund Chan in the past month and it’s been refreshing to just listen to the Word of God and to be centred on Him. I can’t say that I’m like 100% there yet and there’s still a lot of work that He needs to do in me to transform me.

It’s been a great weekend and I learnt some new things at yesterday’s Discipleship Conference in church. The key thing that I took away from Ps. Edmund Chan’s session is understanding more and accepting that God’s Word transforms us and “masters” us rather than us mastering the Word of God. Truth without application doesn’t do a thing but truth applied makes a world of difference.

How often have I read the Bible with pre-suppositions and with ideas already in place? It’s difficult I know but maybe it’s time for us to just read the Bible for what it has to teach us rather than trying to force-fit the Word to fit our ideas of what things should be like. I figure that’s probably why we struggle so much to find truth in the Bible because in actual fact we’re trying to validate our own truth rather learning what truth really is.

I’m learning how to see God’s point of view rather than justaxposing my pre-concieved ideas on the Word. It’s gonna be an exciting journey and even though I do have many questions about the world and the relevance of the Word in it; I believe that a God-centred approach in discovering Him in the Bible is going to make a world of difference in life.

Won’t you read the Word differently today?


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