Hope in Fiction

The Dark Knight ... of course.

The Dark Knight ... of course.

Just this morning as I cleared the hall in my apartment a little I had the Special Features disc playing from the Dark Knight and something hit me. Life is rife with challenges and I figured out this morning that movies, games and books inspire me to do better; to be better. There is a unrealised need in the world today for fiction to not just entertain but to teach us how to be better. We don’t necessarily need to just read autobiographies but I believe that good fiction that’s meant to inspire can do good.

There is a line to be drawn though because fiction can be escapicism. I used to get lost in things like this years ago but now that I’m older I realise that I can take what I learn into the real world. What is fiction if it just stays on the pages of a script or book? What’s the point of writing if the themes and thoughts of the author are just merely to entertain? Entertainment can be more than that I believe. In fiction we can find hope to continue to press in our challenges in real life. Through fiction we can put shape to our thoughts, emotions & feelings that better help us understand who we are as people.

I guess that’s why there’s always been a place in our world for writing; that it isn’t just a form of creative expression but it’s also a form of inspiration for us to be more than we can be. Inspiration is nothing unless we act upon it and ultimately it falls to us to make something of life. Wouldn’t you agree?


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