Busy as a Bee

Small bee, big flower.

Small bee, big flower.

Oowah! I’ve been up today since 5-something AM. Started the day off talking to God a lot. It’s been a rough few weeks but isn’t that how life is? We are all just small bees and life at times can be like the above. We can be faced by the big flower that is life which is beautiful & full of colour and yet still miss out on enjoying it.

Humans are strange creatures indeed. It’s always never enough. The cup is almost always half empty and never full. The problem with most of us (I think) is that we can’t see the big picture most times because we’re too caught up to realise that we are thoroughly blessed by what we already have. We’re always looking away instead of looking at what is already close by. Go figure.

It’s a learning to process and I think I’m doing a lot better lately at taking steps back to see the big picture. I am learning too how to appreciate what I am blessed with already. So that’s a good thing. It’s always a good thing to be contented. The Bible says that godliness & contentment is great gain. I suppose that means that having a deeper relationship with God somehow goes hand in hand with being contented in life. I’m beginning to see how true that is in my own life.

Right now I’m really exhausted, physically & mentally. Even though I can still see the big picture it’s somewhat tough going with so many things fighting for my attention. Life. It sure is one BIG flower isn’t it?

Anyways, I was just looking in the mirror this morning and I can see the wear & tear on my face … I’ve never looked this tired before. It’s a sure sign that I need some extended time off. Soon. Or it’d be bad. Real bad. Ha ha …

Anyone up for a holiday some time soon?


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