My Uncle Teong

It’s been a difficult year. First Connor. Now my Uncle Teong is in ICU. He had two heart attacks this week and my whole family is down in Johore now. The first a mild one on Monday and then the 2nd and more severe one somewhere in the middle of the week.

Seeing him was sad and they are much more stricter here. I held his hand for a bit and as I think about it now I just didn’t know what to say to him. It was difficult enough seeing Connor through his battle and now this.

I don’t know what to pray for … part of me prays for healing and wholeness but after losing Connor I just don’t know anymore. I suddenly realise now that I do not have any pictures of him at all … only memories of him in my head.

To everyone of you who reads this … Do cover my uncle in prayer. I asked God if He would reveal Himself to Uncle Teong at the very least. Could you guys please pray with me on that? And also for him to pull through … so much of me wants to see him pull through.


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